Children & Youth

At the Bay St. George YMCA our ultimate goal is for children, youth and families to embrace fun and healthy habits that become a lifelong practice.

We emphasize the concepts of total health in spirit, mind and body and develop our programs to instill many core values in our participants.  By building our programs around the values of caring, honesty, inclusiveness, respect and responsibility, the Bay St. George YMCA provides the foundation necessary to carry on lifelong growth of individuals into community minded adults.

With the YMCA’s child care, recreation, fitness, leadership development, camp and youth clubs, we help build character and resilience, encouraging personal growth and well-rounded lives.

Health, Fitness & Recreation

What more can you say about an organization that has been promoting an active lifestyle for over 150 years?  The Bay St. George YMCA builds on this strong history and continues to offer health, fitness and recreation based programs to its members and the community.

Through innovative sports, exercise programs and by promoting an active lifestyle, the YMCA cares about your physical well-being but we don’t stop there.  We care about your total health in spirit, mind and body and believe that each of these elements is equally important to achieving overall health.

At the Bay St. George YMCA we believe health is more than just being active.  It’s about having a network of support, a job, good working conditions, education and literacy and a safe place to live while remaining active throughout your life.  That’s why we continue to offer programs in all these areas and involve individuals, groups and families.  We target all age groups and all ability levels.

The team at the Bay St. George YMCA follows nationally developed programs guided by national standards.  This allows us to offer the same high quality programs with maximum effectiveness.

Some of our health, fitness and recreation programs include

  • Group and Older adult fitness classes
  • Individual conditioning
  • Instructor training in fitness
  • …and many, many more

Feel free to drop by the YMCA at 383 Massachusetts Drive or call 283-9622 for more information.

Family Development

Raising a family is hard work and the Bay St. George YMCA makes it a little easier by connecting you with a community of families experiencing the same challenges.

Through our services and programs we work with both parents and children to help them get the support they need.  By encouraging families to connect and share advice, tips, and stories about raising children, we ensures no parent or child is alone.

We connect parents with kids, kids with parents, and families with other families in the community. We can help your family, too.

Come in for a tour to see how the Bay St. George YMCA can help your family.